We Are Transforming!
When nature provides us with an endless bounty of delicious and nutritious foods that derive from the plant kingdom, exploiting and killing animals to satisfy an acquired taste for their flesh, milk and eggs is entirely cruel and unnecessary. Three Little Figs is devoted to familiarizing the public with the diversity and fabulous taste of animal-free foods.
Future plans for this website include the expansion of our popular Boulder Vegan Restaurant Guide to comprise the rest of colorado and possibly other areas of the US and the world as well as the addition of resources such as recipes, links, tips on vegan shopping.
We hope to establish a retail buying club to replace the recently closed storefront in Boulder so we may all continue to get many favorites that are either unavailable or available only by mail order (e.g. Sweet & Sara Marshmallows, Sheese, Sjaak’s Truffles & Caramels, Viana Veggie Meats, Tofutti Pizza, Take & Bake Cookie Dough, Macaroni & Cheese, Ranch Dressing, Primacotta Ravioli, Gardein Veggie Meats, etc.,etc., etc.). In addition to keeping the vegan treats flowing, this will also serve the important function of supporting vegan companies or those producing good vegan food.
We will continue to organize vegan outreach opportunities such as our informational tables on the Pearl Street Mall, hold events such as the fundraisers for Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, and plan restaurant outings intended to support vegan options at local restaurants, educate establishments and just plain socialize.
We will continue to maintain our email list to send out announcements about vegan options at restaurants finds, new vegan products as well as events, buying club news and outreach opportunities.
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